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Financial Group

«Petroff-Bank» Innovative Commercial Bank,
«Petroff-Bank» Innovative Commercial Bank
Innovative commercial bank «Petroff-Bank» (Joint-stock company), created in 1993 (license of Central Bank of Russia № 2466 as of 23 August of 1993), is a universal financial institute, which provides a wide range of high-tech services for small and medium businesses.
ELKOS Insurance Company,
ELKOS Insurance Company
The main direction of the activity of the FIG «BCC» - transport and industrial construction – defined the company strategic development.
Inter-regional leasing company (ILC),
Inter-regional leasing company (ILC)
The company mission is to make an access to a long-term financing in a faster and more comfortable way. ILC is a universal leasing company and lease machinery, vehicles and all-purpose equipment.
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