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November – Tigran Nersisyan, the President of Borodino GC, became the winner of the national contest "Entrepreneur of the year-2008" in the special nomination "Consumer goods". Six years running "Ernst&Young” company, the contest organizer, offers the opportunity to the representatives of the Russian business to participate in national round of the international contest «Entrepreneur of the year» – in the most famous contest in the business area.
October - "Borodino" Group of Companies, according to the rating "The largest Russian companies”, annually made by the leading mass media, significantly improved its positions on growth dynamics and entered TOP-100 list (according to the results of the year-2007). Borodino Group was the 38th among Russian private companies according to the “Forbes” rating "200 largest Russian private companies" (increased by 54 points). The Group is 100th according to the "Expert" rating: "400 largest Russian companies" (increased by 75 points).
August - "Zarubezhstroy" corporation opened a branch in the centre of Tripoli in Libya, the first in African continent for more than 30-year cooperation with African countries. The branch is authorized to establish and maintain unceasing working contacts with the representatives of Libyan business communities and governmental authorities along all the directions of possible cooperation. The geography of potential cooperation of the partners is rather wide: both North and Central Africa, as a result the Libyan branch is considered to be a regional one.
July - "Versia grupp" JSC, acting for the benefit of Borodino GC, executed a final transfer of 29% of JSC “Zarubezhstroy” shares. The auction for the Sale of 29% of state-owned stake of  "Zarubezhstroy" JSC took place on the 18th of June 2008. “Versia grupp” JSC became its winner. So since May 2007 the structures, acting for the benefit of the Group, have acquired 97% of shares of  "Zarubezhstroy" JSC.
July - "Borodino" Group of Companies acquired 70% of JSC "Stroyecologia" shares. "Stroyecologia" JSC designes and constructs engineering networks of external electricity supply and has a number of large-scaled projects realized in Moscow. Stroyecologia integration into a corporate structure of the Group will allow Borodino to design and to construct  "turnkey" external and internal engineering networks.
June - on the 6th of June final shareholders of  Borodino Group of Companies, owing 39,35% of Svyaz-bank shares, withdrew from the list of Svyaz-bank final beneficiaries. The shares of  Borodino co-owners were transferred to three new companies and distributed among current bank shareholders.
April – the Group launched a new kvass wort concentrate (KWC) production in the territory of the proper plant of beverages “Borodino-Orenburg” (Orenburg). The department full capacities are estimated for the output of 30 ton of KWC per day. The new KWC production compensates for all of the Group demands for raw materials for kvass production.
April – restructuring of investment and construction business of  Borodino Group of Companies was completed. In view of the activity expansion at this market, three independent complementary divisions: development, construction and telecommunication were defined in the corporate structure. The Group strategic plans are to occupy the leading positions in the realization of unique projects at the market of premium and business-class real estate and to become one of the leaders in industry development segment.


December – LLC “Konakovo plant of construction materials” (KZSM) was founded. It is a new manufacture site for the output of sandwich-panels and light metal structures on the basis of advanced European technology. At KZSM there was installed the largest in Europe high-capacity line for incessant production of heat-insulating wall and roof sandwich panels of Italian company “PU.MA”. Maximum production capacity of “Technoplant” line is 11 meters of sandwich panels per minute with annual output volume over 2 mio square meters. PU.MA takes leading positions in the manufacture of incessant lines.
December – the end of additional share issue of Innovative Commercial Bank “Petroff-Bank” (joint stock company), incorporated by Main Territorial Administration of Moscow CB RF on the 21st of December 2007. The volume of funds in the currency of the RF for the payment of security papers in deposit within the third additional share issue was 3 000 026 750 (three billion twenty-six thousand seventy-five) rubles, which made it possible for Petroff-Bank to enter the TOP-100 of Russian banks in terms of shareholder’s equity.
October – in order to implement the most advanced foreign technologies into Russian machine-building industry, the Group purchased 86,7% of shares of the company “JOBS” (Italy, Piacenza) – one of the world leaders in the sphere of designing and manufacturing of high-speed five-axis milling processing centers, used in airspace and automobile industry. Integration of “JOBS” into the machine-building division will allow the Group to strengthen positions in machine-building sector of industrial equipment market.
August –  Borodino Group of Companies took control over JSC “Zarubezhstroy” corporation. This asset will make it possible for the Group’s construction business to extend the sphere of influence at the market. For 50 years “Zarubezhstroy” corporation had accumulated great experience in designing and construction of industrial objects, including those at international market.
May – A new division is formed in the Group to operate at the market of financial services. “ELKOS” insurance company and Intersectoral Leasing Company belong to this division.
April – in order to strengthen positions at the market of packaging and food equipment, the Group purchased 100% of shares of leading European manufacturer "SBC Bottling&Canning" (Montecchio Emilia, Italy)
March – 17-storey office center “Borodino-Plaza” was put into operation and “Borodino” hotel for 250 rooms with fashionable restaurant and concert-ground “Borodino-hall” was built in Moscow in Rusakovskaya street.
March – Borodino Group of Companies has designed and started realization of town-planning project of industrial and social infrastructure development in Medyn’ and Medyn’ Region. Within the project in Medyn’ there was started construction of brick and cement manufacturing sites and also of a range of some social objects.
February – At “Prodexpo”’, the international exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials required for its manufacturing held in Moscow, the products of  “Borodino” Group of Companies was awarded three gold prizes in the categories “The best product” and “Innovative product”. “Prodexpo” exhibition is the largest sectoral exhibition of food products in Russia and Eastern Europe. “Borodino” company has been taking part in the exhibition since 2002 and receiving a lot of awards.
January – Borodino Group of Companies entered the rating of 200 largest private companies of Russia, composed by “Forbes” magazine.


December – “Konakovo plant of mechanized tools” (Konakovo, Tver’ Region) was purchased to become another site for the development of machine-building direction of  Borodino GC.
December – The Group placed its first bond loan in the amount of 2,5 b rubles at the platform of CJSC “Stock Exchange MICEX”
November – Restructuring was completed within the structure of the Group in order to improve corporate management structure. In the structure of the company there was formed four divisions, consolidating all the companies by major directions of the company’s activity: food division, construction division, machine-building division and services division.


September – Decision was made to create a retail chain “Productoria”. That was the victory of “Borodino” in terms of realization of the idea of creation of locked manufacturing cycle from manufacturing to the sale of product to its final user. The chain is currently developed and managed by the company “Borodino-Agro”.
August – Borodino Group of Companies purchased 40% of shares of JSC joint-stock bank “Svyaz’-Bank”
May – The company “Borodino-Nedvizhimost’” was created in order to perform the sale of construction objects by "Borodino”. This company offers the full range of professional real estate services.
April – The company “Borodino-Logistic” was created in order to provide all the companies belonging to “Borodino” with a range of high-quality logistic services.
April – the company “Borodino” was renamed the Group of Companies
February – the company “Borodino-Telecom” provides Borodino construction objects with link and communication


May – Together with the acquisition of Savelovo machine-building plant (Kimry, Tver’ Region) – the largest machine-building enterprise of Russia – in “Borodino” formation and development of machine-building business direction started
September – Purchasing of confectionary factory “Slavyanka” (Volgograd), where manufacturing capacities of “Borodino” company “Mona” were transferred to
September – Establishment of trade house “Borodino-Volga” (Volgograd) targeted at the sale of “Slavyanka” confectionary factory product and that of the other “Borodino” products in Privolzhsky Region.
March – For complex sale of the projects, performed by “Borodino-Stroy”, the companies “Borodino-Proekt” and “Borodino-Master” are created. These companies specialize in designing and finishing of “Borodino” construction objects.
February – An advertising agency called “New advertising company” was founded to act as “Borodino” printing-office and to advertise and promote the whole range of “Borodino” product.


September – There was purchased the factory "Ararat-konserva", after it was renamed «Armenianskiy konservniy zavod "Borodino" making various kinds of preservation of fruit and vegetables, and also mashed potatoes and concentrates for manufacture of juices
August - For maintenance of the project with building materials involved there is created the “Medynskiy” plan of building materials (Medyn, Kaluga region), it is specializing in release of concrete building materials
August – There was founded the Trading house "Borodino-Urals Mountains" (Orenburg), it is focused on realization of assortment of the factory "Borodino-Orenburg" and other Borodino production of the east part of Russia
March - There was founded the Trading house "Borodino-south" (Kislovodsk), it is focused on realization of assortment of the factory «KavMinVodi» and other production of “Borodino” in the southern region of the Russian Federation
March – Considering successful experience of construction of the office-warehouse complex in the city of Mytischi, "Borodino" comes to a decision on development of the building direction. "Borodino-Stroy" company has developed the civil-engineering design of the business centre "Borodino" in the Rusakovskaya street in Moscow
March – There were created the combine "Syr-Moloko" and the agricultural enterprise (Grayvoron, Belgorod region). The combine makes butter, and also condensed and dry milk for the factory «Russkoe morozhenoe»
January – The start-up of the factory on manufacture and filling of drinks "Borodino-Orenburg" has allowed to unload capacities of the factory "Spaso-Borodinskie vody" and has provided promotion of the Borodino products in the east part of Russia


May – The company "МАТО" (Mozhaisk, Moscow region) carries out super size transportations of Borodino production in the territory of Russia, the CIS and Finland
March - The company  Borodino organized the department of supply for maintenance with raw material of the grocery enterprises – today it is the company "Borsnab"
March - The effect of increase in demand for production of the company and expansion of assortment of manufacture of drinks was the accepted decision on purchase of the factory  "KavMinVodi" in Kislovodsk city
February - "Borodino" buys the company  "Russkoe Morozhenoe" (Medyn, Kaluga region) and masters the new market of ice-cream


June - In the territory of the factory  "Spaso-Borodinskie vodi" was organized the manufacture of the packing equipment for the food-processing industry. Today it is the company "Bormash" - the unique manufacturer of the similar equipment in Russia. There was created the company "Borpak" for realization of the packing equipment
August - "Borodino" begins construction of the office-warehouse complex in Mytischi.
August - With the purpose of the realization of production of the enterprises of the company was the accepted decision on creation of the Trading house "Borodino". Trading houses in Moscow and St.-Petersburg are focused on distribution of Borodino production in the central and the northwest regions of the Russian Federation.


December There was purchased the meat-packing plant “Kondrovskiy” (Kondorovo settlement, Kaluga region), on its base was created the company "Sovprodprom" on manufacture of canned fish and meat and pastes. Today "Sovprodprom" is one of the suppliers of production under Government contracts for the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Fund for Special Operations and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Response


January At the territory of Moscow plant “Mona” confectionary manufacture, later on renamed confectionary factory “Slavyanka” in the town of Volgograd.
April - There was purchased the Printing house in Mozhaisk city for maintenance of manufacture with labels, packing and polytrophic production.
January - The confectionery manufacture was organized in the territory of the Moscow factory of drinks «Mona», later transferred on the confectionery factory "Slavyanka" in Volgograd city.


September - The history of the company begins with a factory on manufacture and filling of drinks "Spaso-Borodinskie vodi" (Mozhaisk, Moscow region). The factory is located near to the well-known Borodino field, where took place the solving battle of Great Patriotic War of 1812. In honor of this historical event, played the important role in history of Russia, the company has been named by Borodino CJSC.

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