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«Borodino» Group of Companies is one of the biggest and diversified Russian financial and industrial groups and takes the leading stands in a number of business directions. Nowadays there are more than 15000 people working in the companies controlled by the Group in Russia, in the former Soviet Republics and Europe.
A strategically right business philosophy and a solid team of professionals with the same vision of the company’s outlook and values are two factors, which determine the activity of the Group of Companies’ development. Every employee of the Group knows that the common success, and consequently his or her personal growth and welfare depend on his or her contribution to the business. The Group is open for the people who are enterprising, freethinking, creative, capable to search new solutions.
The scale and variety of ambitious tasks of the Group development, as well as exclusive opportunities for rapid professional and career growth make the Group an attractive employer for young specialists, as well as for accomplished professionals.
The Group designs an effective system of staff personal capitalization increase with the help of carrier management inside the Group. In order to achieve this goal, there are constantly implemented the advanced technologies in the field of recruiting, appraisal, motivation, training and development of the personnel. All above-mentioned plays equally important role both in the key large companies and in the dynamically developing perspective business units of the Group.

"Borodino" Group of Companies – the winner of "HR-BRAND 2007" Awards

On the 29th of January 2008 during the official awarding ceremony for the of "HR-BRAND 2007" Awards, which took place in the Moscow theatre Et Cetera, «Borodino» Group of Companies was declared as the best employer according to the results of 2007 in «Multi-industry holdings» nomination.

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