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Business Center "Borodino-Plaza", Moscow
Business Center "Borodino-Plaza"
Modern business center of “A” category «Borodino» is located in Sokolniki in Rusakovskaya str., 13. The business center is only 200 meters away from the third transport ring road junction and one kilometer away from the Garden Ring road.
Borodino Business-hotel,
Borodino Business-hotel
“Borodino” business-hotel is the place where high international standards of service are harmoniously combined with the traditions of Russian hospitality, luxury and homely comfort.
Business-center in Nikoloyamskaya street,
Business-center in Nikoloyamskaya street
Business-center in Nikoloyamskaya street (Moscow, Nikoloyamskaya street, 11, bdg. 5) – prestige, respectability and charm of the old Moscow.
Hotel-business centre in the Bolshaya Pionerskaya Street,
Hotel-business centre in the Bolshaya Pionerskaya Street
Hotel-business centre in the Bolshaya Pionerskaya street is in business and historical quarter of Moscow – area Zamoskvorechye.
Multi-purpose complex INFO-CITY,
Multi-purpose complex INFO-CITY
Multi-purpose complex “Info-City” is the whole micro-district which will perfectly match the existing urban landscape of Zelenograd and become the new development centre of science and education and accentuate the long history of the town.
Residential micro-district, Nizhny Novgorod,
Residential micro-district, Nizhny Novgorod
Residential micro-district with the area of more than 180 thousand square meters is being built in Nizhny Novgorod in Gagarin avenue, 60. In the land plot of 9 ha there will be built the residential complex consisting of 16 high-rise buildings of variable number of floors with inbuilt accommodations in the first floors.
Residential complex in Korovinskoe highway,
Residential complex in Korovinskoe highway
Unique concept of multi-purpose residential complex in Korovinskoe highway implies creation of ultra-modern residence of high-level of safety and comfort combined with the objects of social designation that will bem eaningful not only for the dwellers of the complex, but also for the whole micro-district.
Residential complex "BORODINO" Mozhaysk,
Residential complex "BORODINO" Mozhaysk
Modern residential complex “Borodino” is erected in one of the most picturesque and ecologically pure regions of Moscow – in the town of Mozhaysk where countryside and residential real estate is really popular among purchasers.
Residential micro-district, Medyn,
Residential micro-district, Medyn
Perfect residential micro-district with all infrastructure required is going to appear soon in the town of Medyn’, Kaluga Region. The project presupposes complex development of the territory of 10 ha allocated along the highway and limited in the west by the forest and river.
Gas filling station and shopping centre, Mozhaysk,
Gas filling station and shopping centre, Mozhaysk
Modern multi-purpose complex is being constructed in the town of Mozhaysk in Borodinskaya Street. The complex includes a gas filling station with technical support and washing services for heavy-duty vehicles, and shopping and entertainment centre with the area of 4,5 thousand square meters.
Gas filling station, market and hotel, Medyn,
Gas filling station, market and hotel, Medyn
On the move from the town of Medyn’ along Varshavskoe highway, Kaluga Region, there is a land plot of 11 ha area where construction division of “Borodino” GC is going to construct a gas filling station with the capacity of 250 refuelings per 24 hours with technical support station, and also a multi-purpose complex adjacent to the gas filling station.
Office building in Teterinsky lane,
Office building in Teterinsky lane
“Borodino” GC has completed the reconstruction of historical fronts of architectural monument building of XIX century in Teterinsky lane, where the head-office of JSC Joint-stock Bank “Svyaz’-Bank” is now allocated
Accommodations of office building in Orlikov lane,
Accommodations of office building in Orlikov lane
The full range of works for designing, construction and finishing of the accommodations of the office building with the total area of 1,8 thousand square meters. During the designing the latest trends of commercial real estate were taken to consideration.
Business-park (Mytischi),
Business-park (Mytischi)
Office and storage complex for the total area of 22, 7 thousand square meters is allocated in the land plot of 10 ha along Yaroslavskoe highway only 800 meters far from Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) which makes its accessibility very comfortable.
Residential complex, Kimry,
Residential complex, Kimry
Within the corporate program of Savelovo machine-building plant (machine-building division of “Borodino” GC) executes social and commercial project for the construction of residential complex in the town of Kimry.
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