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Strategic interests of the Group embrace different spheres of activity: manufacturing of food products, construction, machine-building, financial markets and provision of some types of services. Major business directions of “Borodino” Group of Companies are structurally divided into divisions. The Group finds good opportunities for investment, purchasing the assets, underestimated due to assumed risks, low liquidity, demotivation or lack of demand on the part of market participants. The Group stakes on the long-term perspective in order to take full advantage of the whole investment potential. Investment philosophy accepted determines the Group’s position at the market today, and further on it is going to play an important role in the successful activity of the corporation.


The formation of Borodino Group of Companies started from the launching of beverages and foods production. The first production facility of the Group was the plant Spaso-Borodinskie Vody in Mozhaysk. In 1993 the Group acquired a small bankrupt enterprise and turned it into a modern regional beverage producing plant. In order to meet the growing demand, GC “Borodino” decided to commission new facilities and, thus, to expand the output of beverages. In 2002 the Group acquired another plant in the unique region of Kislovodsk – Kavminvody. That same year the construction of a beverage bottling plant – Borodino-Orenburg was launched.
In 2000 GC “Borodino”, having established itself on the beverage market, decided to launch food production, namely confectionary and various types of preserves. At this time the Group purchased the confectionary producing plant Mona, the Medynsky plant Russkoe Morozhenoe, and the Kondrovsky meat processing plant, further redesigned into to preserves-making plant Sovprodprom. In 2003 Syr-moloko plant as a component of the Group, the former Grayvoronsky milk processing plant, launched the production of butter “Krest`yanskoe”, condensed and dried milk. To meet the Group factories production process needs in all the live stock products the service of collective farm in Belgorod region was enlisted in 2005.
The structure of the Group and all its facilities production chains either include Armenian canning plant Borodino, earlier Ararat-Canning, - manufacturer of tomato paste. Today the plant produces various fruit and vegetable preserves, as well as semi-processed products in the form of concentrates and purees.
To expand the production of confectionary, a confectionary plant in Volgograd called “Slavyanka” which had been in the business for over seventy years was acquired in 2004. The manufacture performed in Moscow plant “Mona” was transferred to that site.
The trade and procurement company Borsnab specializes in sales and purchase of raw materials and supplies to meet the Group facilities needs.
Borodino Trading Houses are assigned for selling the whole range of food products manufactured by the GC plants. Today these Trading Houses also successfully operate in five Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kislovodsk and Orenburg. GC Borodino introduced its creation and development project of chain store Productoria on the retail food market in 2012.


The foundation of machine building division was laid in 2000. Due to the lack of Russian food equipment producers, the Group decided to settle an industrial facility at the territory of “Spaso-borodinskie vody” plant, dedicated to making of filling lines primarily for its food division production plant need. The foundation of the facility dedicated to food equipment manufacturing started with the purchasing of metal-working machinery. A year later the specialists of “Borodino” GC mastered the production of spare details, in two years they started to produce some parts of the lines for affiliated companies of the Group.
By 2004 the Board of Directors of the Group had already firmly decided to have a machine building division, in order to produce on its basis food equipment without changing the profile of the company. The plant which fitted mostly the idea of realization was “Savelovo machine building plant”, which was in crisis and needed new management. “Savelovo machine building plant” is an introducer and creator of unique metal-processing , including numerically-controlled machinery and working centers, universal lathe and milling metal-cutting machine tools for different industry. In May of 2004 “Savelovo” joined the group and reinforced the the platform of the machine building division. The Group, not changing machine building profile of “Savelovo” plant held restructuring, diversification and technical, re-equipment of the plant. A new plant, producing and projecting modern packaging equipment for Russian food industry “Bormash” was created on a part of “Savelovo” production area.
In 2007 the management of the Group accepted strategic program of development of machine-building business. The idea itself is based on the transmission of innovative technologies of the West to the territory of Russia through buying the purchase of leading companies of the world market.
In order to improve positions on the packaging and food equipment market in April, 2007 the Group purchased 100% of shares of a leading European producer SBC Bottling and Canning (Montechio Emilia, Italy). Aiming at advanced technologies implementation in Russian machine building, the Group acquired 85,7% of shares of “Jobs” company (Italy, Piacenza), the world leader of working out and manufacturing Hi-Speed 5-axis milling machines, used in aerospace and automotive industry. “Jobs” integration in machine building division will make it possible to strengthen the Group’s leading positions in the machine building sector of the market.
In December 2012, in view of the growing project ranges, “Konakovo Power tool plant” , which products are widely known in Russiaand abroad was acquired. A spacious area of “Konakovo” plant became a new place for innovative and ambitious projects of the Group realization.
In 2002 within the Group there was created a company “Borpack”, which as industrial and trade company accumulated the exclusive selling functions of the Group machine building division at Russian and abroad markets.


In April 2008 restructuring of investment and construction business of the Group was completed. Due to expansion of activity at this market three self-sustaining autonomous divisions: development division, construction division and telecommunications division. The new structure is more suitable to the specifics of the branch. In its plans the Group intends to take the leading positions in the sphere of unique projects sale at the market of elite and business-class real estate, and also to become one of the leaders in the segment of industrial development. The essence of development division’s activity is to manage investment projects of the Group in the sphere of real estate.
On the whole, the activity of the development division implies the following: the choice of economically effective lproject, purchase or leasing a land plot for housing, attachment of project to the plot, coordination of all require utilities, search and attraction of investors, selection of contractors, financing and control over the process of project performance. Then the developer may rent out either separate offices, or the whole building, or to sell the real estate he owns.
Every stage of the project is performed by this or that company of the division: CJSC “Borodino-Development”, CJSC “Mona”, LLC “VelikanInvest”, LLC “BortechInvest”, “Borodino-Proekt” LLC, “Borodino-Service” LLC
In its activity the development division focuses on the following beneficial subsegments of commercial real estate market: hotel and business centers, shopping areas (department stores, trade and entertainment centers), business-parks (office and stock centers). The Group has been working in the sector of office real estate for last three years (projects: hotel and business center in Rusakovskaya street, business center in Nikoloyamskaya street, hotel and business center in Bolshaya Pionerskaya street) and sees a lot of perspectives for future development of this real estate sector. Commercial real estate determines a lot of management versions with one final goal – profit obtainment.
The division intends to expand industrial development – designing and turn-key construction of industrial and storage designation in Russia, the CIS and abroad. In Russia this sector has rather high expansion potential both due to the inflow of foreign investment targeted at the establishment of new large enterprises, and to the development of Russian enterprises requiring significant modernization and expansion of capacities. At the same time the number of soviet-period buildings, suitable for re-development, is decreasing. Thus, manufacturers usually have to concentrate on construction “from zero” – from foundation to the roof.


Since 2003 Borodino GC has been an active participant in construction market in Moscow and Moscow Region. In 2005 the companies “Borodino-Story”, “Borodino-project”, “Borodino-master”, “Borodino-nedvizhimost” and “Borodino-telecom” shaped the base of “Borodino” GC construction division. The Group managed to unite all kinds of specialists in this sphere: projectors, designers, constructors, construction electricians and mechanicians, fixers and many others. However, the Group began its construction activity long before multi-discipline division was organized. All production sites, warehouses, offices have been renovated and built by its own forces.
The first large-scale project of, performed by  Borodino  GC was the construction of the hotel and business center on Russakovskaya street. In fact the Group was in bad need of this project due to the Moscow mayor's resolution about the transfer of beverage production site from Central Administrative District outwards Moscow Ring Road. Today construction division enumerates the whole range of successful projects in different segments of real estate market: office and hotel centers, department stores, shopping and entertainment centers, business-parks (office and storage centers), residential areas of business-class, industrial parks.
In 2007 the corporation “Zarubezhstroy” JSC (inclusive of Volga affiliate “Designing institute “Zarubezhproekt” of JSC “Zarubezhstroy”), specializing in the construction of industrial objects abroad at the conditions of contract and technical cooperation. “Zarubezhstroy” corporation, founded in 1967, is the leader among the construction companies that represent Russia at the international market. For 50 years there were successfully built and put into operation thousands of objects of mining, metallurgic, chemical, agricultural, machine-building, military industry, power-stations, transmission lines, railway junctions and airports in Mongolia, Iraq, Iran, Angola, Morocco, Libya, Cambodia, Laos and other countries. Among the recent projects there are: construction of the residential quarter “Moskva” in Ulan-Bator (Mongolia) and “The house of Culture” in Minsk, construction of the plant Volkswagen in Kaluga, designing of the plant for the company  "Pepsi Bottling Group", at the same time the projects for the Group are being performed. Accumulated experience of “Zarubezhstroy” corporation made it possible for the Group to enter the international market of industrial real estate.
For the development of construction business the Group created its own industrial base. For today there is organized the production of major construction materials, namely: concrete-block and foam-concrete products, brick, sandwich-panels, metal structures, LVL and moldings, products of aluminum and PVC shapes.
At the moment construction division of  Borodino Group of Companies unites the following companies: Borodino-Story, Borodino-Master, ACC-Story, Zarubezhstroy (designing institute “Zarubezhproekt”), Evrookna, Medynsky plant of construction materials, Konakovo plant of construction materials, Borstroysnab. Complex arrangement of works significantly reduces the construction terms and increases the quality of the services provided, and also minimizes all non-manufacturing costs.


In order to increase reliability of power supply of the Group’s construction projects and the objects of the external customers, inside the corporate structure there was formed the division of power supply systems. The division was formed on the basis of “StroyEcologia” company and consists also of some strategic partners that are ready to participate in the performance of the Group’s projects. The division sphere of activity includes complex designing and construction of systems of internal and external power-supply of civil and industrial objects and also manufacturing and supply of turn-key power equipment. Portfolio of the new division contains designing and installation of power-equipment for the objects of civil and industrial designation: Vnukovo airport, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, “Vorob’yovy Gory” metro-station, complexes of residential buildingsand the objects of housing and utilities infrastructure. The specialists of the division have carried out works for electricity supply of the Third Ring Road and restructuring of transport roads like Kutuzovsky, Lefortovo, and Serebryanborsky tunnel, Krasnopresnenskaya overpass, Moscow Ring Road, Kievskoe and Borovskoe highways.


Telecommunications division of Borodino Group started to form 3 years ago in order to provide for the needs of the development projects of the Group. For this period it was managed to create a steady business which is capable of giving independent income due to the orders from external customers. For today the enterprises of the Group have solid client base and undertakes arrangement of modern lines f data transmission, construction of communication centers and private virtual networks, provide traditional and IP telephony, digital and analogue data transmission, wired and wireless Internet connection, telematic services. Due to the expansion of the business in the sphere of high-technologies and telecommunications the Group has formed the specialized division of telecommunications services.
The sphere of activity of “Borodino-Telecom” company includes telecommunications management, realization of integration projects, services for communication and data transmission, consulting services. The projects are performed both on the base of the company’s own integrated network, but also with the involvement of partners’ opportunities. Steady business relationship with the leading operators, manufacturers of the equipment and soft ware make it possible for “Borodino-Telecom” to provide the full range of services in the sphere of telecommunications from pre-project consulting to any services and maintenance of operating systems. Designing, installation and technical maintenance of services is carried out by certified engineers who has high qualification and great working experience.
For rather a short period the company has managed to shape its own extensive primary network of wired communication which embraces Moscow, Moscow Region and 9 other regions of Russia. On the base of a unique platform the engineers of “Borodino-Telecom” created the monitoring system of the whole communication infrastructure with the management center in Moscow. The network of high-power communication centers was established in Moscow, Mozhaysk, Mytischi, Nizhny Novgorod in accordance with the world standards. As soon as possible the company is going to start up a high-power DATA-CENTER, equipped with the most advanced virtualization technologies for optimization of estimated capacity and areas taken with it.
The clients of “Borodino-Telecom” are some large governmental structures, power companies of Moscow and Moscow Region, foreign companies. The systems of Corporate Data Transmission Networks were developed and implemented to the large governmental company MOESK (Moscow United Electro-network Company). Modern communication system for the control over power consumption all over Moscow Region was constructed and put into operation for the power-company “Energobalance”. Among the corporate projects there can be also defined designing, construction and maintenance of computer networks, automatics systems (air-conditioning, heating, water-supply, security, access control), communication centers for hotel and business complex in Rusakovskaya street and business-center in Nikoloyamskaya street.
«ACC-Engineering» is one of the leading Russian engineering companies which has wide experience in complex fitting of the buildings and business-centers with intelligence systems of life support, safety systems and buildings management systems. When designing and fitting of any business building, the company strives to find maximally effective solution for the owner’s or investor’s triune task – economical efficiency, comfort and safety of the to-be building. The company is the authorized system integrator of the companies ADC Krone, TAS and other leaders of the sphere.
For the years of work in this direction the company has passed the way from small projects to the projects of integrated systems extended for kilometers.
Today the company is the active participant of the program by the Governor of Moscow Region for the construction of sports complexes of international level – sports palaces in Stupino, Lubertsy, Vidnoe, Ramenskoe, Monino.
In the portfolio of the company there is a range of successfully performed projects for largest shopping centers and the objects of social and cultural designation in Moscow. Rather an important passage of works is equipment of modern residential complexes and business-center.


In 2007 the Group has started realization of the strategic plan on formation of financial concern. The essence of concern consists in integration of complementary sectors of the financial market – bank services, insurance of risks, leasing, share investments, pension coverage and others for increase in the income from one client.
The financial concern allows realizing to the maximum the economic potential incorporated in activity of the Group. At creation of concern the management of Group was focused on purchase not ready businesses, but the companies having necessary licenses and good reputation in the market. Due to effect of a synergy of the company will receive a powerful impulse to the further development. The Russian practice shows, those similar multi-purpose structures are created on the basis of two basic subjects – bank and the insurance company.
The platform of financial concern of the Group is generated from OJSC IKB "Petroff-bank", insurance company CJSC "ELKOS", "Intersectional leasing company" Ltd.


Since the beginning of its existance Borodino Group of Companies realizes the corporate strategy of development which is based on the principle of the maximum independent provision of the proper production process with the main resources. The specialists of the companies belonging to the Group realize all the aspects of creating and manufacturing of a new product from taste conception to package design, from raw materials purchase to goods transportation. It allows to work in a larger scale and more functionally in the context of the set problems.
Borodino Group service division comprises "New Advertising Company", which is specialized in production of outdoor advertising, broadside and interior printing, design and graphic arts; transport enterprises "Borodino-Logistic" and "Mato"; Private Security Company  "Borodino-Shchit", which provides the security of the Group production and administrative objects; recruiting centre "Personal-Garantya", which takes up recruiting and staff developing; "Borodino-tour", which realizes a corporate a program of arrangements for staff holidays.

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