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Spaso-Borodinskye Vody plant,
Spaso-Borodinskye Vody plant
The first productive asset of Borodino Group of Companies became «Spaso-Borodinskye Vody» plant, established in 1993 on the base of a small regional beverage filling enterprise. Nowadays the plant is one of the leading soft and low alcohol drinks producers. The plant is named after Mozhaisk spring of artesian water which is situated on the depth of 180 meters and for a long time it is appreciated for its unique characteristics. Owing to the microbiologically poor water, which possesses salt composition balanced by the nature itself, “Borodino” beverages are noted for soft taste.
Due to the increase of consumer demand the management of Borodino Group made a decision to expand production by the commissioning of new productive capacities. In 2003 in Orenburg there was commissioned the plant for the filling of beverages "Borodino-Orenburg”, targeted at the markets of Ural and Siberia. According to the estimated capacity, the plant is able to produce annually about 24 mio liters of low-alcohol drinks and 240 mio liters of non-alcohol drinks in PET-bottles and aluminum cans.
Confectionary factory "Slavyanka" Volgograd,
Confectionary factory "Slavyanka" Volgograd
In 2004 Borodino Group of Companies has acquired in Volgograd the confectionary factory “Slavyanka” which had been founded in 1936. Technical equipment of the factory was improved due to the transfer of productive capacities of Moscow confectionary enterprise “Mona”. At the moment the factory is a modern manufacturing complex producing up to 15 thousand tons of product per year. New management was capable of combining the most advanced technologies and original traditions of Soviet confectioners.
In March, 2002 the Group expands broad spectrum / assortment list of let out waters due to the organization of enterprise "KavMinVody" in the unique city of Kislovodsk. Kislovodsk is the most known balneological resort in the group of the Caucasian Mineral waters. It is one of the few places of our planet possessing magic life-giving natural force. Curative mineral spring is the main natural resource and the pride of the region.
Russian ice-cream,
Russian ice-cream
In 2002 in Medyn in Kaluga region Borodino Group of Companies set «Russian ice-cream» plant. During five-year operation period the combine became a modern automated manufacturing, which production is widely noted in the region. The ice-cream is produced of natural components and according to original receipts. The name of the plant - “Russian ice-cream” appeared due to the idea of using only domestic raw materials.
Armenian canning plant Borodino,
Armenian canning plant Borodino
In 2003 Borodino Group of Companies acquired Ararat canning plant, which is known today as Armenian canning plant «Borodino». In the post-Soviet period «Ararat-conserva» plant has been experiencing objective difficulties and operating with the usage of only 20-30% of its capabilities. During the short period the Group management rebuilt the existing equipment stock and completely automated several production lines. It allowed to bring up the plant capabilities and goods range to the level of a modern technological food industry enterprise.
n 2003 Grayvoronsky milk-plant, being renamed “Syr-Moloko”, was added to the food division of Borodino Group of Companies. The plant is located in the small town of Grayvoron in Belgorodskaya Region. The natives call it the pearl of Belogorie or “small Switzerland” for its picturesque sites and pure air. Since 1966 the plant provided the whole Belgorodskaya Region with dairy products, but after the period of intensive development the period of decay started. The enterprise needed financial and administrative help which was obtained from Borodino. Significant funds were devoted for modernization of the equipment, development of manufacturing process, skill development of the staff, innovative projects and implementation of the advanced work experience.
With the purpose of maintenance of necessary industrial components of the enterprises of the food-processing branches entering the Group of Companies Borodino, base trading company "Borsnab" was founded. Since 2004 “Borsnab” centrally makes, buys and delivers: raw and expendable materials for the needs of the enterprises of the Food division.
In 2000 Kondrovo meat-packing plant was redesigned as «Sovprodprom» enterprise and entered Borodino Group of Companies. Today the combine produces more than 20 items of canned meat and meat with vegetables, as well as 9 types of canned fish. The enterprise production capacity is rated for an output of 10 ths. cans per day.
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