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President of Borodino Group

Biography of the President of Borodino Group of Companies

Tigran Nersisyan was born on the 26th of March in 1966 in Erevan.
In 1989 he graduated from Lvov commercial and economic institute. Further he continued his studies in Boston University, where he got MBA degree. In 2003 he presented a thesis in Administration Academy of MVD Russia for degree of Ph. D. in economics on the topic «Government control of the consumer market». He is the author of various scientific articles and other works dedicated to entrepreneur activity, marketing, risk management and insurance.
In 2008 he became the winner of the national contest «Entrepreneur of the year-2008» held by the international auditing company «Ernst&Young».
In 2012 he entered the "Golden hundred" of the "Forbes" magazine.
His main labor activity is connected with the establishment of Borodino Group of Companies that started with the arrangement of «Spaso-Borodinskie Vody» plant in Mozhaysk. Since 1993 he took different leading positions at the enterprises that later on entered the Group. Since 2000 till present time — the President of «Borodino» Group of Companies: ideologist and owner of the Group (in food division his partner is Viktor Lapkin, whose share equals to 50%).
Married, four children.

Interviews of the President of Borodino Group of Companies:

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