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...He wins who keeps his way! 2012-09-28

Beautiful People magazine

Tigran Nersisyan, the President of “Borodino” Group of Companies, was born on the 26th of March 1966 in Erevan. In 1989 he graduated from the Institute of Economics and Commerce. He continued hia education in the University of Boston where he obtained the MBA degree. Since 1993 he took the leading positions at the enterprises that later on became the part of “Borodino” Group of Companies. In 2000 Mr. Nersisyan became the president of “Borodino” GC and the owner of the holding. In 2003 he presented a Ph.D thesis on the subject of “Governmental control over consumer market”. Mr. Nersisyan is the winner of the national contest “Entrepreneur of the year – 2008”. At the moment he is preparing a doctoral thesis dedicated to the management of international companies and to philosophical bases of economical processes. Mr. Nersisyan is married and has four children.

Mr.Tigran Nersisyan, the President of “Borodino” Group of Companies, is a very special person. Philosophy doctor in economics, the head of the large transnational corporation, he personally makes all the decisions concerning the operation of over than 100 enterprises located in several continents and dealing with different business spheres. In 2012 Tigran Nersisyan entered the “Golden hundred” of “Forbes”. At the same time all his work does not relieve him of his pleasant and important duties as the farther of the large and united family.
Private life of the president
Unfortunately, the statement that businessman’s only family is his work is correct in 99% of cases: big business requests full commitment to it. However, every rule has some exceptions, and Tigran Nersisyan’s private life is one of such fortunate exceptions. Mr. Nersisyan is the head of the large family and he always finds time to spend it with his relatives.
Tigran Nersisyan:
- My mother, Svetlana Vaganovna, lives in Moscow with me from the very first day. She is the person my whole life is based upon, we are very close friends and I trust every piece of advice she gives me. Taking care of us all, of our household is, to some extent, her burden. My mother and my wife prefer to maintain household without any help from outside, they raise children on their own and follow Armenian traditions. Due to their efforts, the children speak Armenian perfectly.

Tigran met his future wife when he was a child: their families lived in the same street. Years passed and Tigran came from Moscow to Erevan to ask for a hand of the girl.
- We got married rather quickly. I came to Erevan for Christmas, proposed to Asmik, she accepted and we got married. We celebrated this event at home in family circle. We simply didn’t have time to arrange traditional big marriage: my business at that time was only starting to develop. Since then little has changed in terms of spare time – some new projects, ideas, plans, are constantly occurring. However, we don’t mix business and household.
As a farther, Tigran knows everything about his children’s secret dreams. His elder daughter Svetlana, fourteen years old, is fond of design and goes to the art school. Twelve-year old Yakov is going to work with farther. Seven-year old Diana dreams about becoming a doctor. The junior son, two-year old Arman doesn’t make any plans for his future, but he already knows how to gain praise from the parents. When the children ask which country they should call their motherland, Mr. Nersisyan answers: “Your Motherland is Borodino! Here, in Russia you were born and here you live”.
- For many centuries Russia and Armenia have been walking along its history side by side. The cornerstone of their friendship is the memory of generations of two great nations. We are united by the Christian Faith. Due to the adoption of Christianity as the official religion of Armenia, Armenian people managed to preserve its ancient integrity and distinctiveness. That is why today, when the church undergoes modernization and tries to fit the modern age, I consider it wrong and unjust if it becomes estranged from the needs of common people and gets absorbed in business and politics. A clergyman has no right to make mistake, because he is the tutor and the healer who dedicates himself to people.
For many centuries Christian Armenia has been experiencing certain aggression on the part of the surrounding countries, and it was always Russia to help. Armenian and Russian soldiers fought together during the Second World War. Not coincidentally my parents got the Russian names. The Russian soldier Yakov saved my grandfather, while my mother is named after the Russian hospital nurse Svetlana her farther was in love with.
In Tigran Nersisyan’s opinion, modern Armenia is rather a stable country that should pay more attention to the revival of its economy. In Erevan there is one of the Group’s enterprises – tins plant “Borodino”. Tins under the brand “The valley of taste”, manufactured by the enterprise, are of great demand and the plant keeps developing, creating work positions, paying salary despite of some objective difficulties.
- For me it is hard to judge what is going on in Armenia, and I have no right to do it. Yet, I am very glad to know that at the moment there is no any oppositional cases. A lot of countries are now interested in Armenia, that’s why both people and the government must keep united. For this reason every Armenian, residing in Russia, does its best to make our countries keep their warm and fraternal relations.


His way
In the beginning of 1993 after graduating from the European University, the young specialist in the field of economics Tigran Nersisyan rejected some cooperation proposals from some American and European companies and made decision to start-up his own innovative business in Russia. “Borodino” Group of Companies was established in Mozhaysk on the basis of former farm “Borodino”, in 1994 it consisted only of the single plant for the manufacturing of drinks. At the moment “Borodino” GC is one of the largest transnational corporations in Russia according to “Forbes” (2008). The holding successfully operates in different business fields: construction, real estate management, electrification, telecommunications and machine-building, manufacturing and sale of food products, financial business and services.
Tigran Nersisyan:
- Opening new companies and developing new technologies we go through some complicated stages and start serially establishing already integrated businesses. Our export product is technologies that confirmed their effectiveness in practice. For today one of the most perspective directions of “Borodino” Group is industrial development – performance of turn-key plants projects. Among the priority geographical directions there are projects in the African continent (Uganda, Kenya, Botswana): construction of small-scale hydropower plants, mini oil-processing plants, plants for the processing of agricultural products, construction and equipping of hospitals, telecommunication projects (development of TV channels); establishment of security systems to be installed at border check points, etc.

Having its own material and technical base, “Borodino” Group performs turn-key projects in the sphere of industrial, civil and commercial development: from designing to the commissioning of object with further operation. The Group has its own social project “Revival of small towns” which implies construction of residential complexes with developed infrastructure.
“Borodino” GC is the leader of Russian machine-building for the air-space complex and food industry and the monopolist in manufacturing of electrical and mechanical pneumatic tools. The centers of innovations operate at the enterprises of the Group where scientific and research works are conducted.
“Borodino” Group provides the wide range of services in the sphere of telecommunications: construction and operation of communication hubs and datacenters, IP technologies, data transmission by high-speed channels, arrangement of video surveillance systems, access and security control, etc.
The sphere of activity of “Borodino” GC includes complex solutions of power-supply: designing, construction, installation of the equipment, laying of cable and air lines.
Food-business of the Group consists of over ten food enterprises of Russia, the chain of trade houses and the federal chain of “Productoria” supermarkets. “Borodino” Group is the official supplier of food products for Russia air-forces, federal border service, ministry for internal affairs, EMERCOM.
“Borodino” Group includes: “Borodino” business-hotel, business-centers, advertising and printing company, touristic agency, transport and logistic enterprises, HR-agency, security enterprises.
Financial Group consists of Innovative Commercial Bank “Petroff-Bank”, insurance company CJSC “ELKOS”, “Intersectoral Leasing Company” that together provide the full range of financial services.
All the business-directions of the Group are in close connection with one another and maintain the system of multipurpose, self-sustainable business, operating in accordance with the principle of the “locked chain” where every new enterprise is either a supplier or a consumer for another one. At the moment scientific and technological base of “Borodino” GC makes it possible to provide the enterprises with its own materials and intellectual resources.
In September 2012 “Borodino” business-hote,l where international standards of service and traditions of Russian hospitality are harmonically combined, was chosen by the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov as the place to accommodate the official delegations arriving for the celebrations of the Day of Moscow.

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